November 8, 2012 - Hiking upto Nakarsang Peak

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November 8, 2012 - Hiking upto Nakarsang Peak

Today was a tough day indeed – we climbed Nankerzeng Ri, 5000m for acclimatization – 800 meters higher than our current altitude.

I think today was a real test of the hardship ahead of us at Imje Tse, my body was begging me to turn around and return down, but we made it slowly to the summit (Pemba managing effortless while talking on the phone– whenever there was connection :) ). At the summit we were rewarded with amazing views and the snickers that we brought along! Beautiful view of Imjse Tse – now I understand why they call it “Island Peak” – as it is truly a lone mountain sitting as an island surrounded by some of the giants of the Himalayas.

The decent was defiantly faster than the accent, and it was great to get back to Pheriche for a nice daal bhat and chicken curry, some dry clothes and a well deserved rest.

In the evening we were reunited with a Swedish group of hikers also traveling with Peak Promotion. They all seemed in good spirits! I think there is a rather high ratio of Scandinavian Vikings compared to other nationalities here at the guesthouse we are currently staying at :)

Tomorrow we head of further into the mountains, where we will stay at Lobuche, 4900+ meters. Pemba has promised me it’s an easier walk than today ;)












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