November 7, 2012 - Tengboche to Pheriche

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November 7, 2012 - Tengboche to Pheriche

Today I woke up at 5 am, and kept staring at Mt. Everest.  It was still very dark and the stars where shinning above this beautiful mountain. I stayed inside my nice and warm sleeping bag, waiting for the sun to show up. When the magic started to happen, I setup my tripod, and snapped away. What a way to wake up!

After a quick breakfast we headed off towards Pheriche. The walk today was nice and not very long – maybe 4 hours of walking in total. On the way we stopped by at one of Phemba’s friends, and had some tea there – no rush :)

We had lunch for the first time above 4000 meters today, and Pheriche itself is at around 4200+ meters. I can defiantly feel the altitude now! The plan is to stay two nights at Pheriche, with an acclimatization walk up above 5000 meters tomorrow.

When we arrived at Pheriche I asked Pemba to snap a photo of the two young porters and myself – a nice memory. They are both around 20 years old, and strong as oxes!

After a bit of tea and rest, I couldn’t resist walking up the mountain, with my tripod, and photographing the beautiful sunset over Pheriche. I ran into a very nice Slovenian guy – Marjan. We had a nice talk on the way back to Pheriche, and exchanged details – I must remember to send him some of the photos I snapped of him. This was his 5th visit to Nepal – actually he was here to commemorate a friend that passed away 15 years ago when they were on a climbing exhibition together here. Rest in peace. But Marjan didn’t seem too sad though. As he said – we must follow our dreams – otherwise we are not really living. Wise words – and I defiantly agree!

Oh! I completely forgot – today we got to see Imje Tse for the first time. It was quite an overwhelming feeling! It looks majestic! And that is my dream – to be standing there on the top smiling and looking out on the world!

The evening was finished with some nice daal bhat, and a fair bit of card games with Phemba and another local nepali. Good times!


ama dablam




Pemba's Photo in Everest Gallery

sherpa porter

having lunch above 4000m


mt. cho oyu