20 October 2007: Lukla...

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It was only a couple of hours walk to Lukla and we were back in relative civilization. That means five days walk to the nearest road, if there wasn’t air traffic! Thank god there is and we got our flight confirmed for tomorrow morning. We all took massage which helped the muscles to recover from the hike and then had some excellent Mo mos at a local guesthouse. They were cooked by our mountain cook Nawa, who was staying there before his next trip back to the mountains

In the evening at dinner all the porters joined us for celebrating the end of the trip. We thanked them by leaving them some of our extra clothing and gear including down-jackets, sleeping bags etc.

We would like to thank our guides Mingmar and Ngima of taking so good care of us during the trip. We felt very safe being in their experienced hands. During these weeks we became very good friends. It was easy to chat and joke with them. We also learned a lot about Nepalese life style and customs from them. We are looking forward to see them both on screen next spring on a Hollywood film about the mystery of George Mallory!