19 October 2007: Phakding...

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Namche Bazar – Phakding

Just walking down hill, Nepalese flat, so maybe it’s time to tell about the food we have been eating on this trip. The variety also in the mountains is very wide. There is everything from pizza to Dal bhat, a Nepalese specialty and most common food in Nepal. It is rice, curry and kind of a lentil soup. You have the rice and beside it they put some curry and then you add lentil soup as much as you like. There are potatoes made every way possible also rice with the same selection. Mo Mos are like tortellinis or pelmenis, exactly the same pastas you get through out Asia from Russia to Japan. Every menu consists at least 10 different soups from which the sherpa soup or sherpa stew seems to be the teams favorite. Every food can be spiced with chilly, which comes in many forms also. On our trip we have been lucky to enjoy the vast variety of the Nepalese cuisine. We have hardly lost any weight despite hard exercise!