15 October 2007: Lobuche Base Camp...

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Lobuje-Lobuje Base Camp 4900m

After the night just Pasi and me in Lobuche we were heading for Lobuche base camp. Slept close to 12 hours and felt good for some climbing. A windy walk to our base camp. Our wonderful chef Nawa Sherpa was very busy cooking tea and lunch for us. Timo arrived at the camp shortly after us from Pheriche. After lunch, we started training for rope work for the climb. Mingmar set up a rope down a steep hill and we ascended and descended it to get used to the procedures, until we all felt certain we could work the ropes at 6000 + meters with our thick gloves.

Early in the morning I started the tough 700m climb towards the Lobuche base camp from Pheriche. I kept a good pace and the trip lasted 3 hours. Arriving at the camp I was soaked with sweat and my feet felt like spaghetti!