5th November 2017, Trek back to Dole

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On the day of November 5,2017 Trek back to Dole .......well, not quite Everest. In fact after a discussion last night we decided that we'd met our goal of climbing Gokyo Ri, and it was spectacular, but that we were both so shattered by the effort, that we should change our plans and not attempt the Renjo Las pass. To be honest we're not sure if we could have done it-and we're on holiday! We decided instead to visit the Tengboche monastery, something we both want to do, so this morning after a brief excursion to look at the moraine of the Ngozumpa glacier, we set off to retrace our steps via Mannchermo to Dole. How wonderful it was to be walking downhill and to be going to lower a altitude where our energy came flooding back. Needless to say the scenery was again breathtaking. Arriving at Dole around 3pm, we found out that there was a heated shower that worked until 4.30, when it froze, so we had our first shower in 6 days! You can't imagine how nice this was, and to feel clean! Its been a great day, and returning to lower climes makes life a lot easier. Tomorrow onto the monastery