4th November 2017, Explore Gokyo & climb Gokyo - Ri

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On the day of November 4,2017 Today brought the greatest challenge we have ever faced and the greatest rewards - how we got up that mountain (Gokyo Ri 5,300m) we will never know! Day began with alarm at 5.30. The mountain which had the day before looked like a Scottish hillside loomed large in the half light as we crossed the lakeside. We followed a crisscrossing network of dusty paths going forever upwards. Climbing 500m straight up at an altitude of 5,000m completely drains the body. We were part of a trail of people walking in slow motion, every effort going into placing one foot in front of the other. After 2.5 hours and by some miracle we reached the top and the views that greeted us were beyond our dreams and imagination. A whole panorama of towering Himalayan peaks greeted us including Everest, Lotche, Makalu, Nuptshe, Tabuche, Choyu and Khantega. A golden eagle circled above for a while and then headed off towards Tibet. The turquoise- blue waters of Gokyo lakes shimmered below. We felt a tremendous sense of achievement and incredibly lucky to see this. A humbling experience to be in the company of such majestic mountains. Next stop Everest?!