1st November 2017, Phortse Village to Dole (4200m)

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On the day of November 1, 2017 It was so cold when we woke up this morning the tap water had frozen. We warmed up in the sun walking down to the river at Phortse Thenga. Gary enjoyed a 'snicker's pudding' which is basically a snicker's bar baked in a pie and fried. We then had a long and beautiful ascent through juniper and rhododendron woods. We came across waterfalls cascading down the mountainside, icicles suspended from the rocks below. All of course against the backdrop of the mountains. Ngwang sherpa pointed out small hamlets on the opposite mountainside where people have to walk down 500ms just to collect water from the river or wash clothes. We are now in the village of Dhole (4,200m) where we are staying the night. This is the last we will see of trees for a while as they give way to scrub and tundra in the higher altitudes.