14 October 2007: Gorakshep - Kalapatthar...

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Gorakshep- Kalapathar- Lobuche

Early, wake up at 04.30 AM. Some tea outside, headlamps on and towards the summit of Kala Patthar (black rock) at 5600 meters. The climb was like on Kilimanjaro, zig zag up steep slope in the dark. At dawn we arrived at the summit. Splendid views all around to the famous mountains glowing at the light of the rising sun. After the summit photos we descended down to Gorak Shep and further to Lobuche for the night. I found out that Malla and Mingmar had stayed here but descended to Pheriche hospital (4200m) because Malla was feeling even worse. I wanted to go to see her and Ngima told me it takes 2,5 hours down and 4 hours back up to Lobuche base camp. I was hurry and made it in 1 hour 15 minutes. Malla was feeling good, what a relieving information. Thought I was crazy to make such an extra trip for her. She wished I continue normally next morning up to base camp.

My flu is getting worse all the time. I didn’t sleep at all because of horrible headache. In the morning I took a headache pill and started to climb. The climb went surprisingly well and I felt good summiting Kalapathar.