13 October 2007: Lobuche – Gorakshep- Everst Base camp...

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Lobuche – Gorak shep- Everst Base camp

AMS = acute mountain sickness. Have known a lot about it, have seen it and now experienced it personally! Not a nice experience but very educational. If there is ever going to be a next time, I’ll know the warning signals I’m sure. So the morning we were heading to EBC I had no appetite and did not eat. I was feeling sick but decided to walk at least up to Gorak shep at 5140. And I did. We were supposed to have lunch there but I vomited instead. Tried to drink hot chocolate, hot lemon and water but vomited after each cup. After 2 hours I still wasn’t feeling any better so we decided with Mingmar it was best to go down to Lobuche. There I wasn’t feeling any better, did not eat and drunk only a little to avoid further vomiting. We discussed about going still lower but it was getting dark and also I wasn’t feeling too strong. So we slept at Lobuche. During the night I was neither better nor worse and still couldn’t eat in the morning. So Mingmar took me down to Periche at 4200 and we went to see the doctor straight away. The volunteer English doctor thought I was fine to stay at this altitude, no need to go lower. He told me to drink a lot, of course… So I was left alone with my porter Dover to spend the following 4 days on my own, just waiting for the rest of the team to summit and come to come here after that.

It was a long day to come. Up to Gorak shep at 5140 where we had lunch. Malla’s condition got bad and she vomited. We decided that Malla stays with Mingmar at Gorak shep and the others are going to continue towards Everest Base Camp at 5400 m. We walked over the Khumbu ice fall that was covered with moraine. At springtime there might be about 20 expeditions but now there was only one, Thai expedition. In the autumn it’s more difficult to summit because of the very cold weather. Way back was long and hard, most definitely the hardest day so far. We reached Gorak shep one hour before dark. Ngima told that Malla and Mingmar had gone down.

I lost my self course I did not know how Malla was and I could not reach her. The first place I was going to learn something more was at Lobuche tomorrow. I only stared the empty bed beside me…

Everest base camp was something I was really looking forward to. After reading so many books and seen so many movies about it I really enjoyed just staring at Khumbu ice fall. Finally I was here where I had been so many times in my imagination.