12 October 2007: Lohuche...

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Dingboche- Lobuche

I felt much better in the morning, and was ready for the day’s hike. The sky was clear and blue, it was a great experience to walk and see all the famous peaks: Chopulu, Cholatse and so on. I picked edelweiss to my backpack as an amulet. For the first time we saw our mountain, the Lobuche. It looked majestic rising towards the sky! We had tea at Doghla, which reminded us of a ski resort with buzzing outdoor terraces, then continued up the Khumbu moraines to the memorial site for the ones that lost their lives on these mountains. A very touching place! After that it was almost level walk to Lobuje village (4930 meters), our camp for this night. Again we got a nice room with a mountain view for Pasi and me.


Our best wishes and love to our sons, Dani and Hippu!

I have a high rest pulse, 106. Otherwise nobody has any symptoms for altitude. The pace has been good for us.