31st March 2017, Acclimatization day in Pheriche and Hike Nakarsang Hill

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What a tiresome day! The group was greeted by a frigid sub-thirty degree morning, but thankfully most of our sleeping bags kept us warm throughout the night. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast at the Himalayan Lodge in Pheriche before we set out for our acclimatization hike to Nangkharsang Hill at an astounding 16,344 feet (about 3,000 feet in one day). The hike was certainly the toughest of the trip thus far, with most of us having to stop and take breaks every few minutes (except Karen, because she's a rockstar). We paused halfway for a 5 minute meditation session led by the one and only Dr. LuLu where we cleared our thoughts and took in our surroundings. There was a race for time to get to the peak as the clouds were rolling through the valley quite quickly. Once we reached the peak we sat in awe and admired the breath taking views of the surrounding mountains (and of course took many selfies). After descending back to level ground we were treated by the HRA with a riveting lecture on AMS, HAPE, and HACE by Dr. Terez. Afterwards, we were given a demonstration of the Gamow bag, which is used to treat altitude illness if the patient is unable to descend quickly in an emergent situation. Karen, despite admitting to a touch of claustrophobia, kindly volunteered to climb in the bag while it was inflated and enjoyed herself quite well. We then toured the HRA facility and learned about how patients are treated despite limited resources and means of communication. Afterwards, we had a great lecture given by Dr. LuLu giving us an insight to the origins of Everest ER. Another awesome day in the books as we continue to our goal of reaching EBC.