9 October 2007: Tengboche...

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Back to business again. Acclimatisation day is behind and we continued higher and further away. Next stop is Tengboche at about 3.850 meters. First half of the day was again “Nepalese flat”, up and down till the lunch 200 meters lower than the start of the day. Then in the afternoon 600 meters up. Going up couple of hours is a euphoric experience. Everyone is quiet, walking/climbing rhythm doesn't change, you'll go higher meter by meter. This kind of days we will be having many during next week or two to come.

Tengboche has a very famous monastery and we were lucky to be able to follow a special ceremony of discarding the evil. It took place just outside of our lodge on the hill. The monks chanted and played with their instruments and the Lama threw objects to an altar, which was then burned. The ceremony continued inside the monastery. Very interesting!