November 12th, 2016 Trek to Jhapre

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So, this was the day we  summited pikey Peak, and I will share with you all the highs and low, the tears and smiles of the longest day of our trek. 
We suffered greatly through a 5am wakeup, freezing cold and high winds greeted us as we were drug from our tents. The ascent of Pikey Peak, at 4067 meters took almost a whole hour! The view that opened before us was more breathtaking than any of us imagined. The entire Everest region was bathed in a brillant morning glow, Everest itself standing compleately clear. We could see all the way to Annapurna, and in the other direction to Kachenjunga, parden the misspelling throughtout, no spell check here. Many photos were taken, a pyramid was made, and the guys came up behind us with Sherpa tea and coffee. Many tears were shed at the amazing effort they made to ensure our warm bellies. 

Next up was the unfurling of the Musa Masala flags, again many photos were taken and soon they became capes for fashionable morning wear. is a website that raises awareness of the work of non profits in Nepal. We also want to help trekkers and climbers to learn about Nepali customs and give how to advice to make their trip easier. A forthcoming book will devote all proceeds to the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital Fund. Please visit the site and learn about all the great projects going on!
Next up was a 12 mile hike to our camping area for the night. The days musical genre was country, and there was a rousing dance party to the glorious sounds of Kenny Rogers  The Gambler, you are humming it now, arn't you? Watching the kitchen crew rush ahead of us to prepare the next meal is an inspiring site. They are going all day to get things ready at the next camp. We are so grateful for the hard work and amazing food they prepare for us. 
Everyone seemed pretty worn out after the long day, a couple of hours of rather strange games and all are gone execept me and this keyboard.
Thanks to Papa Phula who has created an experience we will never forget, he now says it is ok again to "do the naked". You will have to come on a trek to learn the meaning! Thanks to all at Peak Promotion and to my fellow trekkers who are an outstanding bunch.
Mike Jii