7 October 2007: Phakding 2600 – Namche bazaar 3400...

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07 October, 2007

Phakding 2600 – Namche bazaar 3400

Namche bazaar! Heaven hidden among the mountains, a beautiful place. No real roads to this place, still a vivid city in the middle of nowhere with bars, shops and the internet. Shamed to admit that I took a hot shower at our hotel… So, we started this morning from Phakding and trekked the first 3 hours Nepalese flat, 40 meters up, 40 meters down, no elevation gained. But after lunch we started to climb for real, still a couple of bridges over the Milk river (quite airy!) and then up up up. Finally it started to feel like climbing, though the weather was still warm and the altitude only around 3000 m.

I thought I would die crossing at least ten most airy bridges one could imagine but you get used to everything.
Yesterday morning at Kathmandu I started to feel like having a fewer. When we started the trek from Lukla, I began to be very scared that my trip will end before it starts. I was feeling very week and also dizzy. I couldn’t believe it had anything to do with altitude, but you never know. During the trek it was more than hard to climb, I felt like my heartbeat rhythm was almost a double. In the evening I took one paracetamol and after a restless night we started the next days trek. I had a terrible pain on a throat but the fewer started to leave me. When coming to Namche 800 m higher I already felt like everything is possible again.