6 October 2007: Kathmandu-Lukla-Phakding...

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Kathmandu marathon was on TODAY and I watched it LIVE on tv at the airport. Winner of the half marathon finished while I watched but the plane was leaving just before the winner of the full marathon was clear! I tried to shout to them to hold the plane a bit for me but they did not listen. While watching I was thinking I would have had the time to run at least the half but the full too, if they would have delayed the plane some more. Anyway, race looked fine and well organized. There were many westerners also women.

Early wake-up at 5 AM. Then dragging the gear to domestic airport. The flight was a bit delayed, so we got airborne at around 10 o’clock. The flight was spectacular between the mountains and we flew through a cool at 3600 meters. The rock walls were less than 100 meters from both wingtips! A pilot’s wet dream! And the landing at Lukla (at 2840m altitude) is also very special: a steep uphill runway less than 600 meters long and ending to a rock wall. No room for error!

It took about 2 hours to sort up the gear to porters and then we were on our way! The path was quite good and views getting better by every turn of the trail! Had some lunch on the way and arrived to our destination Phakding, at 2600 meters after about 4 hours easy walk.