5 October 2007: Kathmandu Exploration...

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By Timo
Short moments of civilization after the journey to Kathmandu. Bed and shower! Friday’s program was a spiritual preparation on the challenges to come. In stupas and monuments we got familiar with reincarnation, witnessed cremation of dead people on the bank of Holy River and tried to find out the meaning of life with the help of the holy men, sadhus.

After maximum demanding day we met our mountain guides at Peak Promotion office. They checked all our equipments and gave the last advice for the trek. We also found out that both of them are Mt. Everest summiteers. We feel more than confident that we are in good hands.
By Satu (Before the trip)
I met Veikka Gustafsson on a flight from Bangkok to Helsinki when he had summit Mt. Everest. As a stewardess I offered him champagne and talked about climbing with him. Planning this trip I decided to call Veikka and assured some advice. As a mother I wanted safe guides to Himalayas. Veikka suggested Peak Promotion and I feel secure to start the climb.