October 22,2016-Trek To Ghora Tabela

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On the day of October 22, 2016

We spent the night at the Lama Hotel and awoke to a beautiful blue sky ready to hike to Lang Tang. The first part of the trek was in a lush and forested valley bordered on both sides by steep mountains and the occasional waterfall.  We arrived at our tea house in Thangsyab which is close to Lang Tang. After an early afternoon break, we went on an acclimatization hike to Lang Tang which was very sobering. Lang Tang was devastated by the 2015 earthquake and the destruction that occurred essentially leveled and buried the entire village with the loss of many lives. On a positive note, the resilience of the Nepali people was on full display as the village is being rebuilt to the east like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Tomorrow we are headed to Kyanjin as we continue to gain altitude on our way to 16,000 feet!!!