23 May 2006, The temples and palaces were stunning in their architecture...

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Bhaktapur - The city of Devotees

From Jay Lemery MD
Our final full day in Nepal was spent at the ancient city of Bhaktapur.  The temples and palaces were stunning in their architecture and have been standing for up to 700 years!  The end of the day we toured another palace-- the home of our intrepid leader Wongchu and his team at Peak Promotion. 
We all were so impressed at the pleasant demeanor of our guides and the organizational proficiency of our trip.  Thank you Wongchu and team for a wonderful time.  And thanks to Paul for putting together such a fun group!

As I type, our team is already travelling halfway around the world-- some via Southeast Asia, others via Europe, and I know it is now that we will really begin to realize just what a special place this is, and the life changing experience this has been.
A final big "Namaste" to our friends and family from Nepal!