October 9,2016 Trek To Deurali

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By now we have covered a distance of 55 kms and an altitude of 2200 m. Although we have descended down from 2800 m and today we plan to climb 1000 m upto Deurali which is at 3200 m elevation.

As planned we started early at 7:45 am to avoid rain which usually starts around 3 p.m. Most of the climb today was ascending. We kept our climbing pace very slow to avoid AMS and I think that was very helpful. The first stop was at Dovan at 10:30 am. The weather was getting cold (6 degrees). At Dovan we sighted some of the native birds and took some good pictures. We saw Fork Tail, Nepal Sibia, Uhinia, Himalayan Pika, Yellow throated Marten, White capped Restarts and white Wagtail. Tried hard to spot The Danfe ( Himalayan Monal- Nepal's national bird) but in vain! On our way we saw a micro hydro electric generator which operates from the water coming from the waterfalls from the mountains! The next stop was at place named 'Himalaya' at 12 noon. Everyone was pretty exhausted, but we still had to cover 200 m elevation to our final destination Deurali! The last 2 hours were very tough, but finally we made it to Deurali at 2 pm. Everyone is hungry and back to the power lunch Dal-Bhath and boiled eggs!

It's freezing cold and we are seeping hot masala chai in the hotel porch!  It's hard to spend time in these remote locations where there are limited resources and the weather is very cold. Post dinner we played Antakshari and called off for the day at 9 pm.