October 8,2016 Trek To Dovan

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We had a great start for the day at 5:30 am (temp - 4 degree Celsius) with the magnificent view of Machhapuchere and Annapurna Mountain glaciers. Within few minutes everyone was on the upper deck with their camera's focused on the beautiful sight. We shot many pictures at sunrise until the clouds started covering the mountain peaks. Dr. Vinayak Mane has by far the best pictures collection! It was time to pack up for our journey forward. Some of us have not taken shower for the last three days! Might sound very disgusting but believe me the cold freezing water just doesn't make us feel any better! We had a quick face wash and gathered at the restaurant downstairs. Post our breakfast our guide Phula briefed us on the change of plan. Earlier the plan was to trek all the way to Dovan and gain 500 m elevation. But unfortunately the hotel rooms in Dovan were not available so we planned to stay in Bomboo where we got a triple room accommodation. I am sure we are going to have a snoring orchestra tonight!

We started our trek as usual at 8 am, crossed the Annapurna conservation post (ACP). Most of the trek was descending and zic-zack going through the dense forest enjoying the birds chirping and white Langoors (monkeys) swinging around showing off their acrobatic skills. There were lot of honey bees as well. Apparently Nepal produces the best honey in the world and we are enjoying it through out the day from breakfast to dinner! We took a lunch break at 11 am at Sinuva hill, but since none of us were hungry we skipped the lunch. We had to wait as the porters had their lunch. It took us around two hours to trek further and we reached Bomboo at 2:30 pm. We had our lunch here as everyone was hungry by now. Most of us preferred to have boiled eggs and potatoes while few of them who are vegetarian had the usual dal-bhath lunch. Post lunch we all had a gossiping session narrating their life experiences and making fun of each other! It rained heavily in the evening for couple of hours and the temperature dropped down to 4 degrees. Our hotel was located in the valley with waterfalls surrounding the hotel. We had our Pizza dinner at 7 pm followed by a next day briefing by our guide Phula. This was very important briefing as he cautioned us to do a slow climb to avoid AMS (Acute mountain sickness). He also explained all the symptoms, consequences and fatal effects HAPE (High altitude pulmonary edema) HACE (High altitude cerebral edema) of high altitude trekking if the instructions were not followed carefully.

We called off for the day at 8 pm as we had decided to start early tomorrow at 7:30 am since we had to cover 1000 m elevation to Deurali.