15 May 2006, There were excellent views of Lhotse and Makalu to the east...

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Dingboche Rest Day

From Mathias Sehar MD

Today was our acclimatisation day at Dingboche. It began for me at 12:10 am when I had to leave for warm comfortable confines of my sleeping bag to go outside for a pee. It was our first truly clear night and the sight of the full moon on the surrounding Mountain peaks was breathtaking.

After breakfast, a group of us hiked up the side of Pokhalde. At 15,000 ft this was the highest I have ever reached (A record to be broken) we lit a small fire of Juniper twigs at a small shrine and set out prayer flags in honor of Buddha's B'day, and for Good Luck. There were excellent views of Lhotse and Makalu to the east. These are the world’s 4th and 5th highest mountain respectively. TO ther west, the precipitous peaks of Tawoche and Cholatse lowered above the valley floor.

After lunch uneven smaller group hiked over to the village of Pheriche. There we met some members of BBC team who were there filming a documentary about the heath care workers at BC. We also had the opportunity to meet Jim, a mountain climber from New Hampshire who is getting ready for his summit push on May 25th.
Spring has not yet reached this part of Khumbu. We are now above the timberline and Rhododendron forests. The vegetation here is mostly small dry shrubs. High above us is the famed and scenic peak of Ama Dablam.
Only 3 more days until we reach Everest BC.