13 May 2006, It is a great way to warm the feet and loosen up the body...

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John Michael Echeveste
PA-C Man:Seattle, WA
John Michael EchevesteToday started out cloudy but with high spirits from our group to shake off the morning cold, our team-mate Jay Lemery has brought along a Hacky Sac which now has been eloquently changed to ''Yaky Sak". It is a great way to warm the feet and loosen up the body. Unfortunately, this morning also claimed its first gastrointestinal bug. Our fearless leader was administered 2 liters I.V. fluids by our illustrious medical team. The group headed out to Tengboche and Paul and I rested for a few hours before we made our trek to the rest of the group. Before leaving I had for good luck my St. Christopher, Kaduceus, a small mountain goat animal figure and of
course my jade Buddha, which I purchased from a Tibetan woman. With all my good luck charms, Paul and I made the 5 1/2 trek to Tengboche. Along the way, we encountered a fierce rainstorm which cleared and presented a majestic view of snow covered peaks. Step by step, we made our base camp and were greeted by the rest of the group with hugs and hot tea. Lastly, my prayers and love to my Beautiful daughter CALEY MARIE BUCHAN.