16th Feb , 2012 - Back to Namche Bazaar

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15th February, 2012 - Back to Namche Bazaar

After sleeping like babies waking up was a little bit harder today. It was very cold in the room already but breakfast was served around the burning stove so we went for it. Our shoes were still wet from the night before but outside we say some blue-skies between the clouds which made us feel very positive for the way back to Namche. We started heading down again towards Tengbuche for lunch. We both reminded 2 strong climbs from the way up (then we went down) so we were mentally preparing ourselves for those. The first one which leads right up to Dingboche was taking all Kristels breath away while Bas seemed to have more oxygen than ever before. We had a quick lunch at Dingboche and hurries on down to Namche.

The first half was only down down down but we already knew we would have to get back up up up as well. This climb seemed to never stop but we kept on going and felt like 2 yaks finding our way up slowly but in a steady pass. When we finally arrived at the top we thought Namche would be just around the corner but we saw maybe about 4 or 5 corners but still no Namche. And then, finally! We made it! After 6,30 hours we arrived at Namche. Took a hot shower right away which felt very good after 6 days without. One more day tomorrow down to Lukla and then hopefully the weather will be good enough for us to take a plane the day after.

Bas & Kristel