13th Feb , 2012 - Dingboche

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13th February, 2012 -Dingboche

After a good night sleep we left Tengboche ahead of the English/Dutch friends who will probably catch up on us on the way. We stop at Pangbuche for a short tea break and by the time we leave one of the English guys is already there. We move on to Shumare which is only 45 minute’s further for lunch. While we are sitting there all of the other guys pass us and we will see them later that day. After lunch we move on and is it only another 1,5 hour walk to Dingboche. Short after we leave the clouds start to move in and the temperature goes down big time. Luckily for us the walk is not very hard and there is not very much to climb.  When we arrive at Dingboche we are gifted with a very nice room and our own 'long-dump'toilet'!! whoohoo! The diningroom is very nice and cozy with colorful blankets we can sit under. Together with our friends we play some cards and then its early bedtime again.