10th Feb , 2012 - Namche Bazaar

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Flying Lukla

trekking in nepal
trekking in nepal


10th February, 2012 - Namche Bazaar

After a pretty good night, surprisingly warm thanks to our sleeping bags (and each other…), at approx. – 7 degrees (and an early wake-up call from the local dogs at 4 am) we started with a nice breakfast after which we set out to our second destination at Namche. The walk started off quite relaxed taking us down, up and over the river for 2 or 3 times. After every climb, especially the steep ones, we were a bit disappointed to find out we were going down again because we want to go up-up-up! These tracks we’re following were also used by Hillary and his team back in 1953. Passing through the villages we also meet up with the herds of Jyopkyo, a cross between a cow and a yak. Their bells clinging and clanging and fully packed with goods they make a good alternative for the DHL delivery guy.

After lunch break at Jorsale our impatience for going up was answered by some pretty steep passes and we also had to climb over several fallen trees that were hit by the storm a few days ago. The locals were doing their best to remove the huge trees from the pass. Chopping away at the trees, the kids would gather the smaller branches and cut them into ‘nice to fit’ pieces for in their baskets typically carried on their back supported by the head. Amazing to see how these people make use of the nature without causing too much pollution, just the various cans and plastic bottles.  In 2,5 hours we climbed 600 meters over  6 km. At one point, half way, we were able to get a first glance of the Mount Everest (Chomolungma) but we were treated on more mountain-tops on our way. And then, after a last steep walk just around a corner there was Namche, a very nice little village built up against the mountain. It’s amazing to realize all the local people depend on the same tracks we are walking now to get there daily supplies of food etc.

Now in Namche (3440m) and had a great dinner of Yak steak prepared by the kids in the Tea house, it’s cold and dark outside so just 1 thing to do……off to bed and prepare for the next leg to Tengboche, skipping the planned rest day.
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