October 7, 2016 -Trek To Chhomrung

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I should have mentioned this earlier to you that Nepal time is 15 minutes ahead of IST. Not a big deal! ????

It's been four days of trek and I will admit that I am highly impressed with the hospitality, hard working and cleanliness of the Nepalese people! In the mountain region we normally have the Sherpa community who make their livelihood by serving the hikers. The hotels (kind of log houses or they call it Tea house in Nepal) are very small but pretty clean given their location in the high altitudes. We are sharing a two bed room. It is a common practice to drink hot water all the time as it helps to disinfect the water and also helps in digestion. We have to pay 100 Nepalese rupees for internet and some hotels also charge 100 Nepalese rupees for charging our mobile devices. The cost increases as we move higher in altitude. Makes sense! The key to a successful trek is having the best guides and gear. I should say that we are lucky to have one of the best guides "Phula Sherpa".

Now on to our 6th day of the ABC trek, our next stop is at Chomrong which is approximately 600 m lower in altitude. After enjoying the sunrise at the Fish tail hotel deck, we started from Tadapani with a steep descend through the woods crossing  Kimrung khola (nepalese Khola means - river). After couple of hours of trek we took a break at "Hille". Maniji suggested to do yoga and each one of us did an asana! This was fun and we took some good pictures! The trekkers from Poland were so impressed with the yoga session that they ended up following us ☺. We had to cross three hanging bridges to cross the river. One of the bridges was 100 m high (just guessing) with the river flowing underneath. Myself and Maniji were kidding to do bungee jumping on one of the bridges but didn't dare as we have the determination to complete the ABC!

We skipped our tea break today due to the yoga session and stopped directly for lunch at Gurkung after a strenuous roller coster trek. After lunch we filled our water bottles with hot water and started our trek towards Chomrong. Very soon we figured out that this was again a steep climb which is not the best thing to do after a good lunch! But we had no choice than to go for it as our guide was pushing for it☹️. But after few hundred steps we were at ease and trekked for couple of hours and stopped at 1:30 pm for a break. During the trek we went through millet fields. Millet is used to prepare local cuisines and a liquor named Tongba. By now we have learned about few local liquors called Rakshi ( famous in the Solkhumbu region), Tongba in the Gandhruk region and Khukri is the famous Nepalese rum. We hope to keep the ACUBE tradition after the ABC trek ???? We were disconnected from the world for the last two days and very much looking forward for cell phone signal on our way. Fortunately this place near to Chomrong had cell phone signal so we used this break time to connect with our family back home. We reached Chomrong around 3:30 pm, had a quick shower and met in the lobby for a much needed coffee. Since we have been eating the same food everyday, one of our friend Vikas suggested that we have a Khichadi if the hotel kitchen would allow us to cook. As expected the hotel owner extended the kitchen to us and Vikas took charge of the kitchen. In between we strolled up the hill and visited the Tibetian refugee shop. Vikas had the dinner ready by 7:30 pm and everyone relished the Khichadi with butter, tomato chatni and mango pickle ???? .

As usual after the dinner Phula did the briefing for tomorrow's trek and took the order for breakfast. Some of us have decided to call off for the day, while some of us are going to watch a local folk dance! Overall it was a wonderful day with good weather (15 degrees and no rain) filled with memories of the beautiful glacier sight at Tadapani!


The next three days are tough as it is upward climb of 2000 m! That's going to be a real test for all of us and hopefully we will make it safely to ABC. Stay tuned and hopefully I will get the signal or Wi-Fi to post my next blog for day 7.


Subharatri (Goodnight)!