October 4, 2016 -Trek Start From Nayapul

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We have an exciting day ahead of us as we are heading to our first day trek which starts from Nayapul. Our flight to Pokhara was delayed by two hours. It's a 25 minute flight from Kathmandu. We reached Pokhara at 12 noon. The climate is very pleasant with temperature at 26 degree Celsius. I can't expect anything more to start the trek in this great weather :) We had rented a mini bus that took us all the way to Nayapul which is approximately 45 kms North of Pokhara and it took us around 90 minutes to reach. Kathmandu is at 1200 m elevation, Pokhara is 850 m and Nayapul is at 1000 m elevation. We will start trekking from Nayapul to reach ABC in next six days.

Our first stop today is at Tikhedunga (Nepalese meaning - Tikhe means sharp and Dunga means Stone) which is at 1577 m elevation. We had our lunch at Nayapul at 1:30 pm and started our trek at 2:30 pm. We were accompanied by our chief guide Phula Sherpa, 2 assistant guides and four porters to carry our duffle bags. Hats off to all the Sherpa porters as they carried 3 duffle bags each which weighed 30 Kgs! We were highly inspired with their determination as they will accompany us all the way to ABC. In addition to the duffle bags we had our individual back packs weighing approximately 5 Kgs. It took us four hours to reach Tikhedunga and gain a 500 m elevation. We enjoyed the trek as we crossed through the Modi river and many natural water streams. As we approached higher elevation we had to take out our ponchos as it had started drizzling. We reached out hotel Indra guest house and had our dinner. It's time to go to bed as we have to gain 3000 m elevation tomorrow. Boy that's going to be a long day! It's 9 pm and I better go to bed as we have early start for tomorrow.


Stay tuned for day 4!