October 3, 2016 -ACUBE Pune Team arrived In KTM Airport

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    We took the Air India flight from New Delhi international airport at 6:30 am, reached Nepal Tribhuvan international airport at 8:50 am and had a grand welcome from Pasang Sherpa Manager of Peak Promotion. We drove to Thamel which is about 15 kms from the airport, took us about 45 mins making way through the narrow streets of Kathmandu. They had made all the arrangements to check us in to the hotel Holy Himalaya for the night.

                            We had a quick shower and got ready to attend the introduction session at Peak Promotions office. Pasang and his team gave us all the critical instructions for the trek, the do"s and don'ts and emergency guidelines. We all were given a duffle bag, ABC map and a Peak Promotions Cap as a souvenir. We were introduced to our chief guide Phulo Sherpa. He checked all our bags to ensure that we had all the right trekking gear and told us about some minor missing items that we bought from the local market. Later we had our lunch at a very good local restaurant "Gaia" where we had a authentic Thukpa soup followed by a Indian cuisine. In the evening we took a quick stroll around the local market in Kathmandu. All of us were very tired as we were awake for almost 24 hrs since we took off from Pune. We had a quick dinner with one last mug of beer ????. I say so as the team has decided to stay dry for the next 12 days! It"s time to go to bed as we had to wake up early at 6 am, have breakfast and leave for the airport to catch our flight to Pokhara .

   Stay tuned for tomorrow as we will be starting our trek to ABC! Three cheers from the ACUBE ABC team!