10 May 2006, We had a tremendous amount of up and down...

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From Terry Johnson (burly man): Terry JohnsonThe day started off at 2 AM with a need to use the facilities, but unfortunately, it was raining, so I held it until 4 AM. At 6 AM I got up and started moving around, yeah, then tea was served at the tents. We had a good breakfast of hard boiled eggs, pancakes with yak butter, jam, cereal and hot milk. The best part of breakfast is the Cadbury hot cocoa. It reminds me of home. I mean, that's chocolate there. We got our stuff ready and proceeded with the trek, on our way to Namche. We had a tremendous amount of up and down, but wound up ascendingmore than 3000 feet in about 2 hours. We hiked through rhododendron forests, crossed enormous suspension bridges. The gods were shy, and it started to rain. At first it was just a mist, and it was pleasant because it cooled us off, but then it started to rain and we got wet. The interesting thing was that we passed the national park soldiers who are there to prevent tree cutting. The best part of the trek was when we came around one of the bends and there was Namche. We didn't get a glimpse of Everest because it was clouded in, but we know that we'll get to see it soon. The shopping in Namche is wonderful - the prices are fair, especially with Wongchu around. He knows everybody. I would like to say hello to my wife, Carrie, and my family at home in Wyoming.