09 May 2006, We got our first glimpses of the Himalaya...

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From Joy Crook (wonderful lady): We left Kathmandu and boarded a small plane to Lukla. The plane was bigger than I expected and the flight was great. We got our first glimpses of the Himalaya, including Mount Everest. The pilot wiped the inside of the cockpit windshield with toilet paper, but we dropped out of the clouds and descended quite quickly to land in the Lukla airport. Our trek began with a ceremony to ward off evil spirits for a recently burned home. The hike took us down into the valley along the Dudh Kosi River, where it was great! I enjoyed meeting everyone on the trek. The first day gave us a chance to talk and get to know each other, because I wasn't huffing and puffing.


We were greeted at camp with tea and amazing service by our sherpa companions. Our evening ended early because of our long day and need to arise early to catch the plane on one side and to hike to Namche on the other side. This is my first interview, so I'm a little nervous, but here goes...if Dr. Slovis only knew how phenomenal this experience has already been for me, he would be so proud of himself for letting me go on this trip. Paul Auerbach told me to say that. Mom and Dad, I'm staying in Nepal forever.