29th April - 2013 - Camp i and Camp II

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Camp I and Camp II

After a week waiting for good weather we finally were able to proceed with our climbing rotation and move to Camp 1. It was so beautiful to go up to the Icefall but it is always a dangerous place to be for a long time, too.

Anyways fortunately we had time to make some beautiful pictures and after 5h we were at our C1 tent.

My climbing partner didn’t have a very good night due to altitude sickness, even though he decided he wanted to move to Camp 2 the next day and we did. I had a really hard time walking through the Western Cum. I was very short of breath and by the time we got to our C2 tent I as exhausted!

Since my partner didn’t improve his health conditions at C2 we decided to give him O2 and he got better straight away. Then we gave ourselves a rest day at C2 and only the next day we hiked to the base of the Lothse Face at 6400m.

Now we’ve been at EBC for 2 days and soon we are heading up again to start our 2nd climbing rotation and sleep a night at C3. Hope you enjoy our pics. More to come soon!



everest base camp


base camp