12th - 14th April - 2013 - Life at Base camp

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12th - 14th April - 2013 - Life at Everest Base Camp

Hi, Karina Oliani here writing from EBC.

It’s been 3 days we are at base camp and we are having a great service: we feel really welcome from the BC team, the food is great and the days have been really sunny and beautiful.

We put our expedition flag at our dinner tent that we are sharing with 3 lovely doctors from HRA: Khirsty, Suzy and Phranam.
So far we have been taking lots of pictures, doing some nice images of the surrounding mountains and what goes around base camp

Scott here.  Happy new Nepal New Year.  Life at base camp is great.  Last night I had the best egg curry I have ever had.  Puja is tomorrow, after that we will begin our first rotation through camp 1 and camp 2.  More to come. Upwards…




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