9th April - 2013 - Rest Day in Pheriche

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9th April - 2013 - Acclimatization day in Pheriche

We took it easy, washed some clothes, drank tea and went walking to help the acclimatization process.  Scott took some pictures at the Medical Outpost where there is a mix of English/NZ and American doctors.  Karina (also a doctor) took a spin in the Gamow bag and descended to a lower altitude (2140m).  Obie reluctantly did his schoolwork and Khunga helped him.  Khunga, Mingma, Scott, Anna and Obie hiked up the moraine above Pheriche to get a view down into Dingboche (surprisingly close).  Everyone is in good spirits and ready to head to Lobuche tomorrow.  While not far in distance, it is a significant altitude gain of almost 700m.