6th April - 2013 - Acclimatization day

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6th April - 2013 - Acclimatization day

We are in Namche Bazaar for an acclimatization day. And it happened to be a Saturday, the market day for people here.
It is a really good place to have a rest day as we can still buy something we might have forgotten and it’s amazing how you can find everything in here!

Even though it’s right in the middle of the Himalayas, the amount of things they sell and the size of some items we can find in Namche are impressive… How can a big refrigerator have made all the way!?

Well that can only be answered by the power and strength of the Sherpa people. The best athletes in Altitude Climbing in the world!

Tomorrow we will trek to Tengboche and the day after we plan to get the blessing of Lama Geshi.

Marcelo in Namche