4 May, 2013 - Jomsom

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4 May, 2013 - Jomsom

Today was a relatively easy day for us.  We left the relative comfort of the New Asia Hotel in Kag Beni for a 10.5 K trek down the Kali Gandaki river bed.  The wide gravel and rock strewn shores are lined on either side by barren brown mountain slopes.  We occasionally encountered herds of grazing goats but not much else.  Gazing south, we had great views of Nilgiri and the imposing Dhaulgiri which is the 10th highest mountain on earth, and a legitimate 8000 meter peak.  We arrived in the village of Jomsom about 10:30.  This is a windy and dusty place with few redeeming features other than a gurkha army base and the only regional airport.   Our 6:30 AM flight to Pokara tomorrow is one of only two departing flights each day.  We are all looking forward to seeing Pokhara, but will miss the company of our guides and porters from that point.  They have been terrific companions, and have gone out of their way to make our trek a success.  Hats off to Peak Promotions.




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