3 May, 2013 - Thorang La Pass and trek to Kagbeni

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3 May, 2013 - Thorang La Pass

Wake up came at 3:00 AM for the most strenuous day of our entire trek.  After a quick breakfast, we started up under the light of our headlamps for the first hour and a half.  We climbed in snow from 16,200 feet to the top of the Thorang La (pass) at 17,768 feet making it one of the highest passes on earth.  Our preparation paid big dividends, as we were all able to reach the high point without difficulty.  The descent was initially steep and snow covered through 16,000’.  We had lunch at the Pleasure Hotel and Restaurant, which might not have lived up to its name.  After lunch we headed for thicker air in a light snow.  We ultimately descended to Muktinath at 12,600’ where we viewed




mani wheel


pasang, min, chongnuri