23 April, 2013 - Trek to Bahundanda

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Today was hot and a little more strenuous.  We walked along the contour lines high above a roaring mountain stream that we crossed just before lunch on a bouncing suspension bridge.  So far we have only had glimpses of the snow covered Himalayas, and we’re all looking forward to getting higher where it will be cooler.  We’re finding the teahouses a step up from those that we experienced in the Kumbu area on previous trips.  We seem to be passing through more mountain villages and have had an opportunity to get closer to the people who, so far are primarily hindu.  We encountered a wedding procession along the trail today complete with blaring horns, drums, and clanging cymbals.


23 April, 2013 - Trek to Bahun Danda

After the night of the barking dogs, we trekked through the bucolic country side along terraced hillsides and ridgelines.  Our second night was spent in a beautiful lodge located with commanding views of the river valley far below.  The mountain sides are terraced for growing rice, cabbage, onions, corn, and beans.  Huge bamboo plants and banana trees as well as wild marijuana could be seen along the trail side.  The five of us are traveling with three guides and three porters, and have been pleased with the service we are getting from Peak Promotions our outfitter.


Bahun Danda