22 April, 2013 - Drive to Besisahar and trek to Khude

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Annapurna Circuit Trek


22 April, 2013 - Drive to Besisahar and trek to Khude

The drive from Kathmandu to our starting point in Besisahar was a memorable experience to say the least.  By way of background, Nepal has no traffic signals or signs as well as no posted speed limits.  Shortly after leaving the city we encountered a huge traffic tieup due to some sort of union dispute which tied up traffic for miles and delayed our arrival by two hours.  The mountain roads were narrow and winding with heavy traffic at speeds that kept us all glued to the windshield and on the edge of our seats.  From the end of the road we hiked about an hour and a half to our first tea house lodge located next to a roaring river in the village of Khudi.

Trek from Besi Sahar


trek to Bulbule