5 May, 2013 - Fly to Kathmandu - Rest day in Kathmandu

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5 May , 2013 - Back to Kathmandu from Mountain

We were back in Kathmandu. Feels good! We want to thank Peak Promotion and its entire staff. The fight from Lukla today, in check and everything went smoothly. When we arrived in Kathmandu we were out in a waiting car with luggage and everything within "seconds". The car took us to our hotel and soon we were able to have a nice shower with warm water. Then we went out for some lunch and shopping. Tonight we'll have dinner with Peak Promotion. The trek to EBC was harder than we thought it should be, but we certainly don't regret any of it! If you who reads this blog intends to do this trek we want to say; Reed a lot and prepare yourself both physically and mentally for it. Put yourself in to what it could mean. The sanitary is maybe not what you are just to, the food likewise, even if it's good! Read a lot about highdicease and how to avoid it. We were prepared but even so it wasn’t easy. We have met a lot of trekkers that needed to go down because of highdicease or stomach problem. The rescue helicopter needs to go up there to pick down one or several sick or tired trekkers every day. Thank's again to Peak Promotion to how you have organized the hole trip excellent, and to Robin Trygg in Sweden who recommended Peak Promotion.

// Anita and Bengt