4 May, 2013 - Back to Lukla

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4 May , 2013 - back to Lukla

Okej, were back on Lukkla were our trekk started. We feel in good shape. This day we walked for six hours. We are booked on the first plane back to Kathmandu tomorrow. We have met a couple here that was supposed to go by plane this day but for some reason they didn’t go, and it was not a weather cause. They have been told that it was because some politician who had rented the plane. Sounds strange! We hope we make it to Kathmandu tomorrow! Our guide Phula says I don't have to worry.  This day were going to say goodbye to our porter Kadji. He's already going on a new trekk tomorrow. No rest for him! And also we say goodbye to Phula who is staying in Lukla to wait for the next group coming within 5 days. Thank you to them, they have done a wonderful job!

When we had crossed the last suspension bridge today I felt really satisfied. Strange, but I have felt like it has been only me who have hesitated to cross them. Bengt says now that he have seen a couple of donkeys hesitate to, ha,ha! 
During our trekk we have walked without reign, just on the night some have come.  We're glad for that! // Anita and Bengt

// Anita and Bengt


Island Peak


everest memorial park