3 May, 2013 - Trek Back to Manjo

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3 May , 2013 - Trek back to Manjo

First we want to say: Happy Birthday to Patrick 20 years old today:)

Today we trekked 8 hours (17 km). We are now down on the altitude of 2810. 1000 down this day of altitude. Easier to breath now and the headache is gone. The trail has been up and down all the way but mostly down. The suspension bridges were there to cross again, huga! I had no choice! It's common to meet animals on the trail, for ex. cows, yaks and donkeys carrying heavy loads up in Himalaya's surroundings. It's amazing that they can manage these difficult trails. We also met a lot of very tired trekkers on their way up. I wonder if we looked so tired on the way up! Now we are looking forward to sleep with easier breathing.

// Anita and Bengt


Island Peak


everest memorial park


heading up to lobuche