2 May, 2013 - Trek Back to Tengboche

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near the Tengboche


2 May , 2013 - Trek back to Tengboche

Today were going back to Tengboche (3860m). It was cold wind in the morning but further on it felt warmer. However we are very tired. During the way I noticed several birds circulating above us and I joked with Bengt that they are waiting for us to fall because we walk so slow and then we become bird meat. Nearby Tengbouche there is forest of birches (bjork), conifers (pinje) and rhododendron. Several days now on the high altitude we have had problems to eat. Now the breakfast is the hardest task to find something that can go down. It is so far away from the breakfasts that were having at home. I'm sad I didn’t brought with me a tube of shrimp cheese (rakost).

This evening we met a group of nice Swedish guys from Stockholm when we had our dinner. One of them is going to climb Lobuche Mountain (Olov Holst), and the others are going to Bace Camp. Along the way we also have met Ulf and Eva so we want to say hey to them. Hope to see you to again! And hallo to Harry from Kungalv in Sweden, see you on the airport ;) 

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see our blog for ourselves. We thanks for all nice comments. // Anita and Bengt


Island Peak


everest memorial park


heading up to lobuche