30 April, 2013 - Everest Base Camp

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Peak Promotion


30 April, 2013 - Eveerst Base Camp

Today was the toughest day ever. We started the day from a night with barely any sleep at all because of the thin air. We walked from Lobuche to Gorashep were we are going to sleep one night. When we arrived to Gorashep we just took a soup and directly after we walked to Base camp and back again to Gorashep. Totally we walked and part ways climbed over stones, for 11 hours and the altitude was between 5000-5400m. We visited the tent for Peak Promotion on Bace camp and had lunch there. Those who are going to reach the top of M.Everest (the climbers) stays in Bace Camp for three month. During these three months they are climbing up and down on different levels to aclimatiate the thin air. On Bace camp there are four doctors working. Bace Camp with all its tents are placed on glaciers and rocks.

 // Anita och Bengt


Island Peak


everest memorial park


heading up to lobuche


bengt and anita everest