28 April, 2013 - Hiking upto Nakarsang

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nakarsang Hill


28 April, 2013 - Hike to Nakarsang Hill

Today we went up near the hill Nangakarshang for adjusting with high altitude (acclimatization day). I told Bengt in January that the next trip we did together I wanted a challenge, and I really got it, and he to as well. Today the trekk went strictly up hills 900 meters and it took us three hours. The last part before we were up it was climbing.  When we reached the top it felt good inside because you felt among the way a couple of time, like, you won't make it. We went up in slow motion and stopped every third step to breath. It was harder for me up hills because of my cold but downhill it was harder for Bengt because of his knees. So now we have been on the altitude for 5100 meter. Also when we went up we saw a lavin on Amadablam. 

The eagles flew above and below us this day to, and as yesterday we couldn't get up the camera in time for the perfect photo.

I am freezing a lot, and this night I slept with two pair of trousers, socks, three sweaters and a dun jacket in my sleeping bag.  

Anita and Bengt  


Lobuche Peak