3rd April , 2013 - Happy Birthday to Lena!

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mountain view
3rd April , 2013 - Happy Birthday to Lena!

Today we had a bit later start leaving Pheriche at nine o’clock. The nights and mornings are very cold, so we bundle up in everything we brought. However, gradually as we start walking we warm up. The mornings are always sunny and clear.  Today the trek started in a very comfortable way and gradually became steeper.  We had a rather short trek of 3.5 hours before reaching Dukla.

The birthday dinner will follow our vegetarian style. We always start with hot tea, followed by a soup and after that noodles, rice or French fries. Being a birthday dinner we may celebrate with a vegetarian pizza and some mineral water.
Before dinner we always gather around the wood burning stove, which is fueled not by wood but by yak dung.

Ama Dablam


island peak