12th April , 2013- Final Day in Nepal

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12th April, 2013- And then there were none…

It was only 2 days ago that we trekked one last day from Monjo to Lukla.  So much happened over the last 3 weeks, and so much happened on our last day – “last run of the day” mentality.  We awoke to the customary “tea? Coffee? Sugar” It will be strange not to hear that luxurious knock on the door anymore.    Our down trekking days proved in ways to be more fatiguing than the “up.”  Glen continued his running lists of first foods we will eat at home, including sushi seven ways, as well as sensory stimuli from the trip that we will never forget – the sound of Phula saying “OKAY!,” “garlic soup?!?!”, Duffle bags that carry yak odor, scalding hot or freezing cold showers, but more than anything, the constant beauty of the Himalaya.  Mixed emotions on the final trekking day, made better by KHUMBU MOUNTAIN PUPPIES!

We celebrated the end of the trek in true Himalayan fashion – creating a table full of empty Everest Beer cans.  At dinner the group brought me nearly to tears with a Lukla Starbucks mug signed by all…I will miss hearing those 11 voices daily, sing-song like our Sherpa Phula.  The night was a bit long, and we awoke at 5am to get one of the first flights out of Lukla, along the VERY short runway. Glen, Laura & I held hands tightly while the entire plane cheered on the pilots for an exhilarating take-off.  Soon, we were all safe and sound at the Yak & Yeti in Kathmandu.  All relaxing in our own separate ways – tennis, sun-bathing, showering over & over again, eating meat, shopping.  We met up with our trekker who had been waiting for us after leaving the trail with bad D & V – he looked like a million bucks after one night in the clinic and 6 liters of saline later.  

Peak Promotion arranged white water rafting for some, while the rest of us did a whole lot of nothing, just letting the memories of the last few weeks settle in.  Last night was out final dinner at the Rum Doodle where all summiteers sign a board, and trekkers make their mark on a cardboard foot.  There was a lovely toast from John, praising those who helped him along the way.  The gang gave me a Sherpa basket, mostly to re-create the scene where Clay carries me in it.  Peak Promotions handed out Buddhas and prayer flags– for us all to remember the trail.  I gave each trekker a small prayer wheel, so I think we are all taken care of on the Khumbu spiritual front.  Wongchu Sherpa and every member of Peak Promotions were amazing.  I will certainly be back.

It’s with mixed emotions that we leave each other – reflecting on the awesome trek, which for many of us, was a life changer. 

Namaste and hugs.



Rum Doodle