9th April , 2013- Khumjung to Manjo

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WMS team
9th April, 2013- Bistarai bistarai (slowly)!

Bistarai bistarai (slowly)!  I hear as I make my way from Khumjung to Namche with a Sherpa by my side.  The lucky guy on “sweep” duty for the day is probably most thankful to finally see Namche without picking me up off a rock.  We have established at least three ETA’S every day……normal trekking time, time with pictures and Deja time.  

Today Liz and I decided Deja time is much more enjoyable with a few Yoga breaks built in every 30 min or so. Arriving in Namche around 11am still gave us time to shop before lunch at 12:30. Liz and I found a great art gallery and some very unique gifts made of yakbone.

With cheeseburgers, steak, sushi, and various other “fantasy foods” in mind we happily sucked down our rara noodles and curry anticipating another 4 hours of hiking.  It moves a little more slowly now as the mountain is getting quite busy with the hustle of trekkers, climbers, Sherpas, porters, and yaks all fighting for the same narrrow opening on the rocky mountain path.

We arrived at Munzo lodge about 4:30pm very exhausted and yet so excited for the surprise of in room hot showers! After we were all clean and settled in for hot hocolate and dinner, Glen kindly read us our “fantasy food” list again making our mouths water.

After dinner Liz gave a CME lecture on eye trauma in the backcountry.  Very interesting and gained the attention of the entire room!   As we all faded out and headed for our beds we took a moment to reflect on how fast time has gone.  Even though we are all excited to be home to see family and friends, there is a little bit of sadness in the air.  One more day of sweat and tears on the trail as we head to Lukla and we will all be off to continue our lives after Everest.   However, the memories and friends we have made along the way will last a lifetime.