3rd April , 2013- Trek to Lobuche

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3rd April, 2013- Trek to Lobuche

Hello everyone. We all made it to Lobuche just fine just as the snow flakes began to fall. The trail out of Pheriche was pretty flat for about the first hour plus and them , of course, we began to walk straight up pretty much again until we got to Thukla for lunch. After about an hour we left and again we headed straight up towards Lobuche. Towards the top of the ridge before we began our descent towards Lobuche (16,000 ft plus) we passed the memorial for Scott Fisher, the American climber who died in the tragic accident on Mt Everest in 1996. The book titled Into Thin Air was a story about that tragic accident. We reached Lobuche about 3:30 to 4pm this afternoon and we are all aware now of how close we are, and how far we have come to reach our goal. We are due to reach Base Camp sometime Friday after traveling to Gorak Shep tomorrow and spending the nite there. As the Senior member of our trekking group I feel that I can take the liberty to let the WMS know that they are lucky and very fortunate to have Liz as our leader. Not only is she a great person but she has taken the time to make sure everyone is doing what they should be doing in eating well and checking in on everyone to make sure we maintain our health. Also the WMS is fortunate to have Suzy, Kirsty, and Parnav manning Everest Base Camp this season.

All are wonderful people to be trekking with and have been very helpful to everyone. For those that aren't aware, because the WMS sponsors the Everest Base Camp ER, we are one of the very few if not the only organization that is allowed to stay at Base Camp for two nights after we arrive there. Eric J., thanks for adding on those extra days going up and coming back as these legs need the rest. Also special kudo's go out to Teri and her staff at the WMS office in Utah for all the organizing they did.  Oh yeh, we've all be so focused on getting up to base camp that at some point we have to walk back but we'll worry about that later. We've all got Base Camp in our sights and that’s what counts now. I want to send my love to my family in Fresno and Lafayette and a big hello to all my friends everywhere.   John H.  Fresno, Ca.

CJ: Sending Hermy lots of chapped lips kisses!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Suzie and Sam: Lots of love to Mum and Dad xxx

Absolutely beautiful view today! Soooo lucky to be here.  Thanks so much to all my Docs at home for getting me ready for this. Hello to all my good friends in Fresno. 

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