2nd April , 2013- Hiking up to Nakarsang Hill

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nagarsang hill
2nd April, 2013- Day 10 in the Nepal, double figures!!

Today was to be a gentle acclimatization trek with an anticipated ascent of 300m. Little did we know what was in store for the WMS EBC Crew!

Soon into the journey, Jim took a turn for the worse. Previously one of the leaders of the pack, he slowed considerably and began dragging his heels at the back. Fortunately, this did not escape the eagle eyes of the father-daughter combo Laura and Chris and they soon raised the alarm. Jim gave an Oscar winning performance and it was only after we went into full treatment mode and were about to administer Nifedipine that he revealed he was acting as part of a high altitude pulmonary oedema (HAPE) scenario and he was absolutely fine. This was a big relief as we certainly didn’t fancy carrying him off the mountain!

After this there was much discussion, mainly led by Sam, about the pros and cons of various techniques for reducing dislocated joints. During this heated debate the group split. The altitude hungry splinter cell including Clay, Alena, Glen, Chris and Jim put their heads down and headed for the hills, literally. The rest of us returned to base to enjoy copious "milky tea" which was fast becoming our staple drink. We were pleased to see a welcome addition to the drink selection of milky tea or lemon tea of hot chocolate and hot orange! The small things in life!

After a couple of hours we were beginning to wonder where the explorers had got to. On their return it sounded like they had accidently stumbled upon the summit of Everest. The maps were brought out and there were endless calculations performed to pinpoint their exact location. The results of which TBC…..

The first lecture of the day was on diarrhoeal illness led by Pranav which included group work and teaching on Giardia. Apparently it can be spread by "Beavers" and not "Justin Bieber". Following this, Liz gave a lecture on Nutrition and the importance of keeping topped up with carbs, not good news for the Carb hating Atkins lot. We were going to have to double our efforts and smash through the egg fried rice and Dal Bhat, treat!

Early to bed tonight in preparation for a 700m ascent tomorrow! We can say goodbye to hot showers for now, not great news in light of the fact the snow started today!

Suzie Mac: To Dave, getting really excited to see you in a few weeks!xxxx

Clay: Whats up my love, can't wait to see you again soon!xxxx

CJ: See you soon Hermy!! J xxxx

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